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Microwave ovens are common place in both an industry and domestic settings. They are a fantastic piece of engineering that saves a huge amount of time and effort for your business or preparing a meal for the family.
 There has been a firm link to microwave exposure and various types of medical conditions, including cancer. 
All microwave ovens have safety features that reduce the risk of microwave exposure to the operator; however one area that fails all too often is the seal around the door, this can be due to:                                                        
  • Dirt / food build up.
  • Deformation off the seal.
  • Damage to the door and/or hinges

To ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 60335 we conduct a leakage test using a microwave detection device that has been pre-calibrated to give a warning if the microwaves emanating from the equipment if greater than acceptable levels (50W/m2). 
If the equipment test results in failure the equipment must be tagged out of service, cleaned and re-tested, repaired by a qualified person or disposed of. If the test results in a pass the equipment is tagged and returned to normal operation.